Carol Harvey



Navajo attorney Carol Harvey gave a fascinating Indian law presentation to the Circle on November 19, 2019.  Carol has a deep knowledge of property, contract, energy and Indian law and history, based on her successful career representing corporations and tribes.  She has collected documents showing the shocking conflicts of interest and greed of the founding fathers behind the Marshall Trilogy (i.e., the three opinions written by Chief Justice John Marshall of the United States Supreme Court in the early 1800s under which a sovereign nation that “discovers” land occupied by heathens (non-Christians) obtains title to those lands, regardless of the separation of Church and State and freedom of religion under our Constitution).  Carol deftly illustrates the corrupt history of the Doctrine of Discovery and then brings it forward to dire predictions of more conquests in our near future.  Carol is a brilliant and impassioned speaker who wants to teach Native youth that tribes fought back – we did not roll over and passively accept the loss of our lands, and we did not lose our right to tribal self-governance.  Please reach out to Carol at if you would like to hear her presentation, or learn more at