CCO’s 16th annual Conference

From: Tammy Keeter-Miller <>
Date: Wednesday, August 5, 2020 at 10:13 AM
To: Tammy Keeter-Miller <>
Subject: Reminder to click on the link below to register for CCO Virtual Conference

ᎣᏏᏲ (Osiyo) Greetings,

As you know CCO’s 16th annual Conference of Community Leaders was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the promise we would work on a virtual conference to deliver the same high-quality presenters and topics you have come to expect. CCO has been meeting, researching, and procuring personnel, event management, conference platforms and mobile-app software to bring our conference to the next level.

This year’s conference theme is ‘Servant Leadership’, and we can all appreciate everyone pitching in, regardless of your position on the org chart. As our ancestors guide us: ᏰᏥᎴᏆᎶᏍᎨᏍᏗ ᏗᎦᎸᏫᏍᏓᏗ ᎦᎾᏅᎪᏉ~ You all gang up on work whenever and wherever it arises, and ᏗᏣᎵᎪᎯ ᎢᏤᎮᏍᏗ~Live united, work as a team with one another.​ If you are a follower of Cherokee Nation on social media you know Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin, Jr. and his administration embodies this spirit.

Save the date, August 31st, 2020, for a full day of live events, addresses, plenary presentation, 28 concurrent sessions, interactivity, polls, networking, swag, and so much more.

We hate not seeing you in person, but we are smartly playing it safe. We promise if you’ll give us your Monday, we’ll make it worth your while. Because development is still underway with the platform we are unable to share more specific information at this time, but you can expect to hear from me on a regular basis until we kick it off on the August 31, 2020.

You need to register quickly in order to save your spot, so quickly share this with your organizational leadership, or even those who might benefit from attending our conference. Participation and feedback=swag, mailed straight to your house! We promise to protect your personal information, and only use it to reach out before, during, and after the conference.

We will record the sessions and make them available for a short time period after the conference, in case you missed out on a concurrent session you really wanted to attend. However, live participation will allow you the greatest opportunity for our Cherokee SWAG bag, chock full of desirables.

So, we encourage you to preregister, and tell others who would benefit!>>> CLICK HERE<<<

ᏩᏙ (Wado) Thank you,

Kevin Stretch, ᏍᎦᏍᏗ


Community & Cultural Outreach

Cherokee Nation