Email from Julia Coates

‘Siyo, nigadv,

HUD 184 is a federal loan program to assist qualified Native Americans in purchasing or refinancing a home. It is approved in 33 states (generally those with large Indian populations).

Recently the HUD184 program increased their max loan availability.  The impacts are going to be BIG.  

In the past, homes in high-cost urban areas such as LA, Seattle, or Denver were normally priced above HUD184 loan limits, so Native Americans were very commonly just unable to utilize any benefit of the program due to the high costs of housing.  
HUD is now allowing banks to finance up to 765k for HUD184 borrowers.  This is county specific, but thus far virtually every county participating in the program has increased it’s loan cap (the list is attached).
As of now we have still not seen the HUD184 expanded to all areas of the US, but this is an important step for those Native American homeowners in high cost areas.  
Thanks to Brandon Caruso in Tulsa (and formerly LA) for sharing the info!