November 17 Gathering

We had a very good turnout for the Gathering considering the weather.  Pat Feathers brought her fabulous Turkey & Dumpling, Sue Clem provided a great Ham, Eve McDonald brought a tasty Spinach & Bread crumb casserole and Dionne Rivers prepared a delicious cornbread pudding.    

September 15 Cherokee Gathering

Brandon Caruso

Brandon Caruso

A Cherokee Nation Citizen that works for Today Lending will also be attending the September gathering. He can discuss any questions related to HUD 184 Native American home loans.

CoCC Picnic

We had a good turnout for our  picnic.  Lots of good food and friends.

Tommy and Jeremy told us about their trip to the CCO leadership conference and our new sister organization, Cherokee Elders in Locust Grove.

General consensus was there needs to be more language education.  Members would also like to see a newsletter.

Wado to John and Page for arranging the picnic at Mt. Vernon Canyon Club.

Feb General Meeting

Even though the gathering was small, the Show & Tell meeting was very enjoyable.

Discovered that John Gritts and Tom Gilliland are related, Nancy Broom and Charles Hicks.